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President signs economic stimulus bill, which includes raising conforming loan limits

President Bush today signed off on the $168 billion stimulus packaged approved by Congress last week, which, in addition to tax rebates for millions of working Americans and business owners, includes a vital, but temporary increase in the conforming loan limit. The economic stimulus package will allow the Federal Housing Administration, as well as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to offer mortgages above the current conforming loan limit of $417,000 to as much as $729,750 in high-cost areas for loans originated between July 1, 2007 and Dec. 31, 2008.

Raising the conforming loan limits to more accurately reflect the cost of housing in California and other high-costs areas of the nation has long been a top C.A.R. objective. Currently, Californians are forced into more expensive non-conforming jumbo loans, decreasing homeownership opportunities for many and forcing others into more costly and often riskier loan products.

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